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North Shore Performing Arts Center

Studio Policies

NSPAC's Dance Seasons
NSPAC runs a 7-week Summer Season and a Fall/Spring Season.

SeasonRegistrationSession RunsPayment Options
SummerApril – JuneJune - AugustFull payment due upon registration
Year-RoundApril - OctoberSeptember - MayMonthly auto-payment OR Trimester payment

How to Register
» Click here to REGISTER ONLINE for classes.
To register via mail, during office hours, or our open house registration periods, pick up a registration form from our office.

Note: Completed registration and release forms are required to be admitted to dance class. No one is permitted in class without first completing these forms. NSPAC also reserves the right to cancel or combine classes due to enrollment, or as necessary.

Class Placement
Staff will carefully determine the proper class level for all students. Placement is determined by years of experience, skill level, and age. Students with little or no experience may be placed in a younger class for the first year of study. Advanced level classes are by invitation only. Please note that advanced class registration is not permitted on-line.

Technique classes are non-performing classes, and will not present a year-end piece. These classes are suggested for those students wishing to improve skills.

Studio Closings
Call the studio at (978) 356-6060 or check our Facebook page for announcements if you are uncertain if we are closed due to inclement weather. Although NSPAC does not follow school closings, the studio will be closed if the roads are unsafe for teachers or students at class time. Determination will be at least 1 hour prior to the start of class. We do not make up snow days unless our class count for the year-round program falls below 30. Students are encouraged to make up lessons by participating in regularly scheduled classes other than those they ordinarily attend.

Missed and Make-up Classes
•  If you miss a class, you still pay for that lesson and can make-up that class within 3 weeks.
•  Students may make-up class in equal or lower level classes.
•  A child having a year-long attendance record below 85% or misses 2 consecutive classes in a row after Jan 1st may, at the director's discretion, not be allowed to participate in the classes recital routine.

Illness or Injuries
•  If your child is ill, please keep them at home. If they are not contagious, but they don't feel well enough to dance, they may come to watch their lesson if they do not feel well enough to fully dance. Your child may be asked to walk through their spacing in a dance if they are watching a lesson.
•  A student having a significant injury that limits their ability to perform may require a doctor's note to participate in class.

Dropping a Class
•  If you plan to discontinue dance lessons, you must notify the studio in writing or you will be charged for all classes until written notification is received. Thirty days notice is required for cancellation.

Class Rules
•  All student cell phones should be turned off or set to vibrate during class.
•  Students should plan to arrive approximately ten minutes before class to stretch.
•  Do not wear dance shoes outside. Change them at the studio. This will keep your shoes clean and in good condition, and protect the studio dance floor.
•  Absolutely no street shoes on the studio dance floor!
•  When in class, students should place belongings in cubbies provided.
•  Put your name on all of your dance equipment.
•  NSPAC is not responsible for lost or stolen dance equipment.
•  No unnecessary talking during class.
•  No gum, candy, drinks, food, smoking, or student cell phones are allowed in the studio.
•  No video cameras are allowed in class without advance permission from the studio.
•  Students must maintain a positive and supportive attitude towards fellow students.
•  NSPAC reserves the right, after consultation with parent, to suspend or dismiss, with no tuition refund, any student whose attitude, attendance, or conduct is deemed unsatisfactory or dangerous to self or others.
•  Students are to remain in the studio until a parent picks them up. NSPAC is not responsible for students when not in class. Do not leave children unattended before or after a class.

* No child 8 & younger is allowed outside on the front 'porch' without an adult.
* No child 10 & younger are allowed to be left on premises without an adult.
* No child 10 & younger are allowed to leave the premises without an adult.
* As a courtesy, we ask dancers ages 13 & younger let the office know if you are crossing over the parking lot to go to East End Bagel.
Waiting Room Rules
•  No gum, candy, drinks, food, or smoking are allowed in the waiting room.
* Please eat at the table.
•  As a matter of courtesy to those in the waiting room we ask you to turn your cell phone to vibrate.
•  All minors are the responsibility of an adult.
•  No running, jumping, or horseplay allowed.
•  No standing on chairs, or window ledge, or scaling the cubbies.
•  Please do not disturb class.
•  Teachers are not allotted time between classes for inquires, which should be made with the office staff or through a scheduled appointment with your child's teacher.


Recital Information
•  Costumes for the June performance will be ordered in December.
•  Costume deposits of $30 per costume is due November 16, 2019.
•  Costume balances due Dec 14, 2019.
•  Any student who leaves a particular class or the studio after costumes have been ordered will remain responsible for payment of the costume(s). Those costumes will be released after the recital.
•  Pictures are taken during the dress rehearsal.
•  Ticket sales shall occur roughly 2 weeks prior to the performance. Depending on venue, the number of tickets per student may be limited.
•  Depending on venue, seats may or may not be assigned. If seat assignment is available, it shall be at the discretion of the studio.
•  Students will receive costumes sometime in May, provided all fees, up to and including that month's tuition, are paid. Students will also not be allowed to participate in the recital if fees are not paid in full. Anyone who leaves a class, a costume having been purchased for them, will have two weeks from the recital to claim it, or it will be donated to charity.
•  A child having a year-long attendance record below 85% or misses 2 consecutive classes in a row after Jan 1st may, at the director's discretion, not be allowed to participate in the classes recital routine.

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